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Château de Chaudenay-le-Château

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Château de Chaudenay-le-Château
  • Château de Chaudenay-le-Château
  • Château de Chaudenay-le-Château
Construction of the castle, a fine example of "marriage between stone and rock" was for the older parts, the work of Jean de Chaudenay in the Middle Ages. In its heyday, it had up to 6 towers. This impressive donjon was not built until the 15th century towards the end of Middle Ages, as evidenced by the mullioned windows. It is only an empty shell which remains now in the footprints of the walls that formed the 4 levels. The apartments currently occupied by the owners are from the former 16th century home. Legend: The twin brother of Louis XIV, the famous "Iron Mask" was imprisoned several years in the castle. Postcards from that century suggest that he was being held in the Tower of Giseh.



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