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Colonne romaine

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Colonne romaine
  • Colonne romaine
  • Colonne romaine
Famous and mysterious carved column, dating from the third century, who gave the village its name. Many hypotheses attempt to explain its construction: a monument celebrating a win, a funerary monument, protection of a nearby villa... Its height reached 11.60 m. It rests on two massive pillars that sink 8 m into the ground, carrying two huge slabs forming a mass of 2 mx 2.08 m and whose sides are oriented in the 4 cardinal points. The pedestal is decorated with eight reliefs representing gods of mythology, Juno and his peacock, owl of Minerva, Jupiter armed with a spectrum, Apollo or Ganymede, Diane accompanied by a dog, Hercules, Venus, Bacchus.



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  • Colonne romaine

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